Recipe 7. Crispy Masala Sweet corn.( 2persons)

Hiii every one today I’m going to share my one of the most favourite recipes Crispy Masala Sweet Corn.

Ingredients :

1.Dry Boiled American sweet corn – 4cups.

2. Cornflour – 5 Tablespoons

3. Chopped Garlic – 1517 cloves

4. Chopped Green Chillies – 78no.

5. Chopped Coriander leaves – 45 leaves.

6. Red Chili Flakes – 4 teaspoons

7. Black Pepper Power- 1teaspoon

8. Salt – according to taste

9. Lemon Juice – 3 teaspoon

10. White Oil – according to requirement

Preparation :

1. Take all boiled corn in a bowl. Add all cornflour and mix very well so that all corn get well coated with cornflour. If you want can add 1 pinch of black Pepper also.

2. Take a pan and heat the oil until bubble s come out. Fry corn until it turns brown.

3. Now take off all the corn from oil and keep aside.

4. Take another pan pour a little bit of oil. Heat the oil . Add Garlic , Chillies, Coriander , all together . Add chilli flakes, u can add origano or mix herbs also. Fry 2-3min. You will get a nice smell.

5.Then add all fried corn into it. Toss it properly. Add lemon juice and salt according to taste.

6. Ready to serve hot n crispy masala(spicy) sweet corn.

You can have these with Roti or as snacks. All ingredients are available in grocery shop.

If you have any problem while cooking feel free to ask.


Recepi 7. Lassi( Drink made of Curd)

Lassi is one of the most favorite beverages among Indians in the summer. This is a sweet ,tasty and healthy drink s as well.

Ingredients : ( 1 Glass)

1. 2 tea cup of yogurt or sour curd

2. 2 tsp powder sugar

3. 1/2 tsp white salt

4. 1pinch of black pepper powder (optional instead can add rose water also)

4. Ice cubes

Preparation :

Take a mixture grinder and add all

the ingredients into mixture pot.

Grind for 10-15sec. Open it and add

half cup water. Then again grind for

10 sec. Ready to serve.

With Out Mixture Grinder

Take a glass add yogurt, Sugar and salt

stir it finely with a spoon until it will

turn into a thick white liquid. Then

add a little water. Stir for more 3


At last add rose water 1/2tsp or 1pinch

of black pepper. But please don’t mix both as it may ruin the taste.

Now ready to serve Easy Heathy Indian beverage LASSI.

Recepi 6. Cooking with out using any oven !!!!Raita(Easy Home Made Dish)

Raita is a popular dish among Indians. Especially among north Indians.

This recipe is made of Curd . You can use yogurt also.

Now let’s come to how to prepare “Raita”.


3 Cups of Yogurt

1cup of Chopped Cucumber

1/2 cup of Chopped tomato

1/2 cup onion

1tsp black pepper

1tsp salt

1tbsp water


Now take a medium size bowl . Add

the whole portion of yogurt . Mix it

and make a thick batter. Add water

salt again mix it for 5min. You will

see the curd/ yogurt will become soft and creamy.

Now add cucumbers, tomatoes, a little

bit of Chopped green chillies, chopped onions mix it with a

spoon so that every piece of veggies will be coated entirely. At last spinkle

black peppers on the top of it.

U can add little bit of chat masala on it also.

Basss Raita Ready !!

U can easily serve this cold from refrigerator or from normal room temperature.

As side dish or snacks our very Indian Raita will keep you cool. 😋

Easy Homemade Raita

Try it and share with me.


Saree Talk 1. Tussar Silk

Now let’s talk about something ” Very Indian” . Yes SS it’s Saree.

Today we will be taking about “Tussar Silk”

Tussar Silk the material is also known as” tasshar” this is also Known as Kosa Silk .

These sarees are mainly produced in Bihar( in Bhagal pur district) , west Bengal ( malda) , Madhya pradesh .

These kind of sarees are very much popular and rich among India s.

These have various colors

Now no more talking s have a look

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Recepi 5. Fried Tapioca ( Fried Sabudana)

Fried Tapioca can be a healthy evening snacks for you and your Little One 😆. It is very easy and quick made preparation and can be tiffin snack also.

Ingredients: (2persons)

Big grain Tapioca- 2cup

Potato – 1( small cut pieces)

Pea Nuts – 1tbsp

Lemon juice – 3tsp

Green chillies – 4no.s ( chopped)

Corriander – 2 branches

Tomato – 2 ( cut small pieces)

Mastered oil – 3tbsp

Cumin seeds – 1pinch

Salt – according to taste

Sugar – 1tsp


Wash all Tapioca nicely as it contains

so much white powder and make it

dry. Make a thick paste of pea nuts.

Now take a pan on oven add oil . Heat the pan.

Add a pinch of cumin seed.

Now add all potatoes in the oil. I used

to boil the potatoes priorly so that oil

consumption will be less. After that

add chopped Corriander , chopped

green chillies, tomato, a pinch of

tarmaric, salt n sugar mix nicely.

After 5-6min add all dry Tapioca and

stir as well as fry . If it feels too dry u

can add 1/2 cup of water. Stir more

2min. Add pea nut paste into it. It will

be dried one not liquid.

At Last sprinkle lemon juice on it. And mix nicely for 1min.

See your Fried Tapioca is totally ready to serve.

U can garnish the dish with chopped Corriander.

This can be a very good and healthy item.

Anyway try it . If you like this share

with your friends , family and tell me

how do you like the recipe.

Thank you for watching this . If you face any problem while cooking please contact

Fried Tapioca

Recepi 4. Alu fulkopir torkari ( potato cauliflower light curry)

This item is healthy, light as well as tasty . If you have children or order sick person in your home definitely this item will be right choice for them.

By the way this is a easy making things also ☺☺

Ingredients: (2persons)

Cauliflower –1 big ( cut into big pieces)

Potatoes – 2big or 3small ( each potatocut into 4pieces)

Peas – Some

Tomato – 2small

Corriander leave s – 2branches

Green chillies – 45 no.s

Cumin seed – 5tsp

Ginger – 2inch

Red chilli powder – 2tsp ( optional you can use kashmiri Mirchi/red chilli powder also it will enhance only colour not hot ness)

Mastered Oil – 3tbsp


Now put a pan in oven add some

water and give all cut pieces of peas,

potatoes n cauliflowers into it. You

can add a little bit of salt this will

help to heat up the water more

quickly. Now Make a thick mixture

of tomato,cumin 4tsp,ginger, a little bit of water.

After 5 – 10 min you will see bubble s

and smoke will come out from the

water. Then off the oven and separate the vegetables from water .

Now take a dry pan . Heat it up . Put

some oil . When the oil will be hot

enough sprinkle the rest portion of

cumin seeds in the oil ( Among

Bengalees cumin is known as “Jeera”

U will see I use a bit raw spice on oil

directly like: cumin in this case as

raw on oil this process is known as

“Phoron” this will enhance the taste

of the cooking instantly). Then add

the prepares mixture into it add

finely chopped Corriander , add salt

and sugar and if required red chilli

powder, add a bit water and stir with

a stick Nicely for 5-6 min.

When a nice smell will come out Then

gradually add potatoes n cauliflowers

as well. Try to give a nice mixture of

spices and vegetables. Now add

water. If you want to make it light

then add a bit more water otherwise 4-5cup water is enough.

Now taste once again if sugar or salt required or not and cover the pan with a big dish.

Take off the pan after approx 8-10min

Serve hot with bread,roti,rice . It’s really a tasty easy to make food which is good for everybody.

Thanks for watching my recepi.

If any query comes don’t hesitate to ask your Priya 😊

Happy to Help

Recipe 3. Niramise Alurdom( Veg Potato Curry)

This recipe is one of the delicious menu at the time Puja , specialy Bengali s famous #Durga Puja Astami(8th day of puja).

Ingredients:. (4persons)

Boiled Potatoes – 1kg ( cut into 2pcs from middle u can see it from the below picture)

Mastered oil (if possible) – 4-5tbsp

Ripe Red tomato – small 3 pc

Green chillies – 3-4 no.

Ginger – 2-3 inchs

Poppy seed – 6tbsp

Cumin – 2tsp

Coconut dust – 2 big tbsp

Bay leaf – 2no.

Sugar- 1tsp

Tarmaric – 1pinch

Salt according to taste

Water – 1 cup

Preparation :

  • At first peel off the boiled potatoes make 2pcs( if large then cut accordingly) and keep aside.
  • Make a thick paste of poppy seeds,cumin, Ginger, chillies, coconut , tomatoes together.
  • Now heat the oil in the pan
  • sprinkle a bit cumin seeds and bay leaves.Then add the prepared. paste into the pan stir it nicely . If you feel it’s too dry you can add some water into it. Add salt , sugar tarmaric. Stir for 5min.
  • When nice smell will come out you add all potatoes . Mix all the spices with the potatoes nicely. If done add water and cover for 5-7 min to get dried up.
  • Mind it it won’t be too much liquid or too much dry.
  • Now Alur Dom is absolutely Ready to serve.

You can serve this with rice , roti , chapati or Luchi ( I ll provide this recipe also 😊 don’t worry)

Niramis Alur Dom

This is one of my most favorite item cooked by my mom. Seriously while writing my mouth is watering like anything 😜. Please try and share.

***No point is missing in the bullet above it’s a printing problem. Sorry for the inconveniences .***

Thanks Priyasblog 😁

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Recipe 2. Begun er Jhal( Spicy Brinjal Curry)

This is a popular Veg Bengali cuisine among every household (ghore ghore ).

All Ingredients are available in local grocery shop.

Ingredients : ( for 4persons)

Brinjal 500gm(cut into small pieces 2inch approx per piece)

Poppy seeds 7tbsp

White Masterd seed 2tbsp

Green chilies 34 min.

Chpped Corriander leaves 2 small branches

Tarmaric 1pinch

Salt according to taste

White sugar 1tsp

Mastered oil (if possible )45 tbsp

Mixture of 5spices(fenugreek,mouri,black cumin,white cumin) 1small pinch

This mixture is known as Panchforon in Bengali. Now panch means 5 n foron means spices.

If this Panchforon is not available not required.

Preparation :

At first heat some oil in a pan. Then fry the pieces of Brinjal until it get soft and golden black. Keep aside.

Now make a thic paste of poppy seed s, mastered seeds, chilies, choped Corriander s and a bit oil by using mixture.

Heat the pan put some oil . When the oil is hot enough put a pinch Panchforon (follow above details).

It will sprinkle then pour the thic paste . Mix salt , sugar ,tarmaric n stir for 2mins you can add a bit water if required.

Then add all the fried Brinjal pcs into the pan . Stir nicely for 5min . It will be dried up but a bit gravy will be there. If required u can add a bit salt or green chillies for more hot.

We are done !! You can serve this with Tawa roti or boiled rice .

Please try and share the menu. And please please tell how the taste is. And if any problem while cooking please don’t hesitate to ask.

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Beguner Jhal

Something Different 😃 ( Padmavat )

It’s still now a burning issue. Anyway I watch the movie just today . I m really grateful to Mr . Sanjay Leela Bansali ji to show our Indian Ladies so graceful power full n respectable to the rest of the world. Ranbir Singh as Aliuddin Khilji acted beyond expectations. #Shahid Kapoor, #Deepika Padukone also claims praise and blessings.

Their make up was so good that inside the hall one mother is telling to

crying child Showing fear of Aliuddin ( Ranbir Singh).Deepika as well as Aditi Haider looks simply Stunning.

I heard about #padmavat is flop. But me as a common viewer could not be able to check WhatsApp even at the moment of running picture .

My mom do not understand Hindi but she also got amazed by the setsetting,props , acting by different respected actors n actresses. I really appreciate n respect team work, energy , time , patient devoted by team #padmavati.

Please request you to watch at Least once. Don’t get influenced by anybody’s comments.

Recipe 1. Rossevaat (sweet rice)

It is purly Bengal Veg desert dish. If someone wants to offer to God can do gladly. :)whole

Ingredients :

Gobinda bhog rice 500gm

Khejurer Ros / Molasses of datepalm(syrup from date palm) 1kg

Elichi dust of 45pc

Ghee 3 table spoon ( optional)

Salt according to taste

Water 45cups

Preparation :

At first take a handi n pour 6-10cups

water into that put on the oven.

Wash the rice neatly. Put a little bit of

salt into the handi water. When the

water will scatter small bubble s pour

all the washed Rice into the water.

Now wait for till 6-7 min until the rice boiled properly.

Mind it Gobinda Bhog rice is very soft and quickly boiled.

So be very careful while boiling other wise the rice will be soiled.

After the Rice is cooked take a big

utensil and pour the whole rice into

that to make it cold. Now take pan on

oven pour the date palm syrup or

date palm molasses into that pan n

heat. Put water slowly until it will

turn into more liquid .

It will be a bit lighter than honey.

Now pour 3table spoon of ghee n a bit dust elaichi heat for 1min and cover the pan(so that the smell won’t go away).

Now take the already prepared Cold rice and drop totally into the syrup (rosse).

Put the gas in low flame. Put the rest dust elaichi.

And now it’s really ready to Serve.

It’s really easy traditional yummy desert dish. You can serve hot or cold.

I learn the recipe from my grandma. Please try it. and share with me if you like it or not. 😀